Gauging Your English Level: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, or C2?

Determine your English proficiency level with ease using the CEFR scale: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, or C2. This comprehensive guide helps you gauge your language skills accurately for effective learning and communication. Discover where you stand on the proficiency scale and track your progress effortlessly!

Gauging Your English Level: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, or C2?

Hello, lovely students, and welcome back to EnglishHive. Today's lesson is incredibly important as we'll finally determine your English level. Knowing and understanding your level of English is crucial as it helps you decide how to proceed with your learning journey. In this lesson, we will go through a couple of questions at each level to help you understand your English ability. However, if you want to take this even more seriously, I have created a comprehensive, free online level test that can accurately measure your English level. If you'd like to take the test, simply click on the link in the description box. Let's get started! 

The CEFR Levels

Before we begin the test, let's quickly revisit what the CEFR levels are. The Common European Framework of Reference divides English into six levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, and C2.

A1 and A2 are the beginner levels, with A1 being considered as the absolute beginner. B1 and B2 are the intermediate levels, while C1 and C2 are the advanced levels. C2 represents a near-native level of language proficiency.

The Beginner Levels: A1 and A2

Let's start with the beginner questions and work our way up to the advanced questions. I'll give you a few seconds to think about each answer before revealing the correct one. Make sure to share your results in the comments section below.

A1, Question 1: "She to read books every day." What should it be?
Correct answer: She likes to read books every day.

A1, Question 2: "I have two and one brother." Which answer is correct?
Correct answer: I have two sisters and one brother.

A1, Question 3: "I can see very well. Have you seen my ____?"
Correct answer: glasses

If you answered these three questions correctly, it's likely that you have an A1 level. However, if you want to be certain, I recommend taking my free in-depth level test.

Let's move on to A2.

A2, Question 1: "My mum is ____ than my dad."
Correct answer: taller

A2, Question 2: "If you study, you ____ the test."
Correct answer: will pass

A2, Question 3: Which of these sentences is correct?
Correct answer: They want to go with us.

If you got all of these questions right, it's likely that you have an A2 level. But for a more accurate understanding, I suggest taking the level test.

The Intermediate Levels: B1 and B2

Now let's move on to the intermediate levels.

B1, Question 1: "Jarrod ___ early in the afternoon."
Correct answer: will be arriving

B1, Question 2: "Which question was most likely asked based on this response: 'I have never been to Paris.'"
Correct answer: Have you ever been to Paris?

B1, Question 3: "Report this sentence correctly: 'I have to work tomorrow.'"
Correct answer: He said he had to work the following day.

If you answered all of these questions correctly, it's likely that you have a B1 level. If you want to be more confident in your level, take the level test. The link is in the description.

Let's try B2 now.

B2, Question 1: "He ___ have said that to you, but at least he apologized."
Correct answer: shouldn't

B2, Question 2: "Choose the relative clause in this sentence: 'He moved to the country three years ago.'"
Correct answer: who moved to the country three years ago

B2, Question 3: "Choose the correct sentence out of these four."
Correct answer: If you had learned the lyrics, you would be singing in the choir.

If you got all of these questions right, it's likely that you have a B2 level. For a more accurate assessment, take the in-depth test. The link is in the description.

The Advanced Levels: C1 and C2

Now it's time to move on to the advanced levels, C1 and C2.

C1, Question 1: "After nine years of marriage, we decided to get a divorce, but we separated ____."
Correct answer: on good terms

C1, Question 2: "We have developed several new _____ for market research to streamline our ongoing."
Correct answer: criteria and analyses

C1, Question 3: "Which of these sentences uses the passive perfect infinitive correctly?"
Correct answer: Alejandro should have been informed of these changes.

If all of your answers were correct, it's likely that you speak English at a C1 level. To have a more certain understanding, take the free level test. The link is provided in the description.

Finally, let's tackle C2, the highest level of proficiency.

C2, Question 1: "His lack of ____ contrasted sharply with the extreme composure and humor of his brother."
Correct answer: charisma

C2, Question 2: "Which idiom could replace the underlined portion of this sentence? 'He decided not to fulfill his promise.'"
Correct answer: to go back on his word

C2, Question 3: "The department head of finance assured me that this matter ____ as quickly as possible."
Correct answer: would be dealt with

If you answered all of these questions correctly, it's likely that you have a C2 level or you are a native English speaker. Achieving this level is impressive, even for native speakers. For a better understanding of your English level, don't forget to take my English level test. It's free and accessible online. Just click on the link below.


 I hope you enjoyed today's lesson and learned something valuable about your English level. Don't forget to connect with me on all of my social media platforms and check out my English courses. Thank you for joining me today, and I'll see you soon for another lesson.

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